Saturday, May 11, 2013

More pics of the house

Welp.. we have a lot of work to do. Unfortunately Levi's in Alaska, I'm finishing residency, and we're still waiting on our building loan. So the house is just sitting there until we get to Paducah in August. Its currently very awkwardly divided up into two apartments. We plan on restoring it to a single family home. The front entrance will be where it was originally intended at those white panels. We plan on gutting everything! Down to studs and re-insulating everything. This will be Levi's fulltime job for a few months until we get settled.

 Looking up at this mess

 Downstairs sunroom

 Twin brick houses across the street. The one on the left is for sale. Anyone?????

 Down stairs fireplace. Not loving the mantle but the windows are amazing.

 Pocket doors.
 Dining room. I'm thinking some fancy plaster crown molding. Levi is thinking I am crazy.
 Downstairs BR. Future foyer. This closet is a hidden doorway to the living room. What were they thinking?

 Downstairs room, future library. Love the transoms.

 Downstairs kitchen with laundry. Gross. Everything getting ripped out.

 Upstairs guest BR leading to sunporch
 Upstairs sunporch. The light!
 Lovely ladies! Gan gan and aunt Kathy checking things out for me.
 Tall skinny doors from upstairs sunporch to guest BR
 Upstairs mantle

 Upstairs floors are in fantastic condition, you can see the square pattern that gets smaller and smaller until the middle.
 Upstairs kitchen
 Upstairs kitchen. The future site of the master bath.
 Stairwell. Look at that TALL window. To the right is an awkward addition taking up headspace so the upstairs BR could have a closet. That will be coming out.
 Attic. There is hardwood under that beautiful carpet. Thinking of replacing the white gross textured stuff with white planks, thoughts?
 One of my fave rooms. Upstairs living room. Big windows. Love.
 Backyard, HUGE by seattle standards.
 Back deck. Gross siding will be replaced. Thinking of tearing down this whole thing and starting over on the deck.
And a pic of my new ring since most haven't seen it. Love!

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